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All Bank of America Complaints

Bank of America banking loan complaint

Bank of America (BA) is one big fraud! They do not stick to their word, especially when it comes to loans. From an interest rate of 8.99% it has gone up to 13.99% when in the beginning I specifically asked if the interest rate would increase at any time and the answer was no. they […]

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I am very careful with the transactions that I do with my checking accounts. And I found out that Bank of America scammed me, using overdraft fees even when there was no overdraw. They tend to look at big amounts that you have withdrawn over the date which had transactions done by a debit card. […]

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Bank of America Wrongly charged me Penalties

After I zeroed the checking account at Bank of America, I sent them a request for closing the account; I was told that it will be closed the next business day as there were no transactions that were ending. After a week a transaction took place and Bank of America never told me about it […]

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